5 things you may not like about the movie “2 States”, If you had loved the book


I always think movie adaptation of popular books are the toughest thing to do. Especially when it comes to match up to the expectation of the reader who had already played it in his mind for so many times. That is why I have never tried to read a single Harry Potter book. And so when it came to the movies I had nothing to complain about. And so when it came to the adaptation of 2 states, I couldn’t help. These are the top 5 reasons why 2 States the book and 2 states the movie will always be 2 state apart.

1. The book and the movie are 2 state apart

If you have read and loved the book, you ‘may’ end up disappointed. At least I was. The movie adaptation was no where near to how I had played it so many times in my mind, when I read the book. There are moments in the book which was so special that I had to read and re-read those. But when in the movie it didn’t came out as that special moment. May be it was cinematography or editing, but whatever the reason the book would always score much more than the movie. The fact that the entire story was being narrated to a psychiatrist was included but had no contribution to the script, and could have been avoided.

2. Arjun Kapoor as Chethan Bhagat

Image  << First look at this Guy. Now look at this Guy >>  Image


And you know why Arjun Kapoor is the poorest possible choice to play the role which is claimed to be Chethan Bhagat himself. Chethan Bhagat is a gentle charmer in his own ways. And Arjun Kapoor failed convincingly to portray the actual character. Instead he would still remind you of the Arjun Kapoor of Gunday or Aurangzeb.

3. Aliya Bhat was fabulous but yet she failed to portray a convincing “madrasan”

No doubt Aliya Bhat was fabulous and did a great job (unlike Arjun Kapoor who was the weak link). But still to some extent she was not the convincing madrasi girl you would want to see. Aliya Bhat is an extremely beautiful and a bubbly character. But she lacked that extra charm of a beautiful south Indian girl. Imagine Sridevi, Hema Malini, or Asin, and you would know exactly what I am talking about. Aliya on the other hand has the features of a very pretty west/north Indian girl, and somehow she was not a very convincing tamil brahmin girl. Amrita Singh and Revathi on the other hand gave life to their characters from the book.


4. Lack of attention to details when it came to characterization

Arjun kapoor, not only he was a poor choice to play the central character. But also his looks didn’t do much justice to an IIT-IIM-ian. I mean, spiked hairs, stubble, and a muscular body? That is so IIM unlikely. Not that IIT and IIM ians are boring but they normally do not have time thinking about trendy hair styles or six packs. It had a lot of glamour which is so unlikely of any serious educational institute like the IIMs. In comparison, the 3 Idiots were much researched when it came to looks.

Also the lack of detailing was evident in the 2 scenes where –

A. Aliya asks Arjun – So what after graduation? – They are already doing what they wanted to do after graduation – MBA.

B. Ronit Roy when he comes to know about Arjun’s love with his professor’s daughter, asks him to concentrate on MBA – But wasn’t he doing engineering at that time? Or did he meant the CAT entrance exams 😛

5. Vicky Donor did better in showing the contrast between the 2 cultures

Honestly Vicky Donor brought the difference between the Punjabi culture and any other in a much better way than 2 States. And 2 States was supposed to be all about that. Yet it some how remained very subtle when it came to the contrasting difference between the two culture. It could have done much better in this area, as it was the core idea of the book. Instead it ended up like any love story with disapproving parents.

But having said that, I wont disagree that I did enjoyed the movie. And won’t discourage anybody from doing so. It’s a fabulous story, Aliya Bhat is incredible, Arjun Kapoor was a little on the weaker side, but overall a great entertainer. But in case if you have liked the book, you may not be over the moon. But just entertained.

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