10 years an ex-KVian…

Once again it is that time of the year when the city dailies are abuzz with success stories and stats from this year’s CBSE 10+2 results. Filled with stories and interviews of toppers, their reaction to their results, their studying habits, suggestions, and what not. And while reading through each of those articles one thing was clearly apparent. That nothing has changed. Nothing has changed from the day when we too were waiting anxiously for our CBSE 10+2 results exactly a decade ago.

A decade ago. It’s been 10 years since we had donned the famous white and blue uniform for the last time. And yet it feels as if it was yesterday. So vividly is the memory living within us. It was a very early morning of 26th May (2004) – my 19th birthday. I was roused from sleep by 2 close friends – Ankush and Sougata. It was 5 am and they were standing outside. I greeted them with a huge grin expecting my first birthday wish of the day. Instead, they said “Results are out, is your internet working?”. Thanks a lot guys for ruining my birthday.

But it wasn’t as bad. Though I was petrified to think about my Maths and Physics result. But when the full mark-sheet was on display, I was awash with a huge sense of relief. And the party started. Sougata and Ankush too did very well, and so did all of them whom we called to wake up to the harsh realities of a published final result! And from that day till today life has moved on so much. It had been 10 years. Over 3650 days since we had bunked the classes together, or pulled a prank on a hapless teacher.

In these 10 years life has changed so much so that people who had hardly shared the same bench in their entire school life are now getting married and sharing the same bed! Once a wasted drug-addict has suddenly decided to become a fine photographer. Those who had seldom had enough money in their pockets are now managing financial portfolios worth in billions. Ones who had been ever ready to cross the school boundary (during school hours) are crossing the seven seas and reaching the farthest corners of the world. And its an wonderful feeling to sit in front of that symbolic white and blue screen (Facebook) and remain connected to all of these people after all these time.

But somethings in life do not change even after so many years. And you slowly start realizing the meaning of true friendship. Like 10 years ago on that day I was woke up by Sougata and 10 years later to this day I am still waking up with Sougata. Not that we are gay, just sharing the same flat in Pune. The same can be felt by the likes of Aritra, Priyadarshini, Chandro, Devnaina but in a slightly different way. One way or the other life has taught us many valuable lessons during these last 10 years. Things which can never change – like Sagar’s complexion and Aritra’s love interest. Also things which changes so drastically – like Ajit Tiwari’s height and Arka’s lady luck.

But good or bad, life is about moving on. But life is also about the undying spirit of wanting to go back. So cheers to my fellow KVians who has kept my spirit of wanting to go back in time, alive in me. And cheers to them who has stood by each other for the decade gone by and will do so for many more decades to come. Cheers to true friendship and cheers to the true spirit of being a KVian. Life wouldn’t have been same without knowing all of you. Cheers to us!!!

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