About Me…

I am the single rain

Unable to quench your thirst
Dies in vain

I am the helpless voice
Often not reaching your ears
Get lost without any choice

I am my dark little self
Unable to make you notice
Live in dark ready to help

I am the never dying hope
Who keeps waiting for you
Every day at every scope

I have everything I believe
When your pains I take, your joys I see
When in your subconscious I live

I don’t try to be the one, in vain
Whom you see and feel the joy
I just try to steal all your pain
So forever you enjoy

I don’t have the wings like you
To fly away in the lands of dreams
But I can help your cause unnoticed
Cause I am a gentle little breeze

You may not miss me any more
With so many friends to treasure
Yet you are the one I adore
Just thinking you give me pleasure

You may have moved in life
And have grown very busy
Yet I hope to keep things simple
So that you never feel uneasy

About me doesn’t matter much
I am just another brick in the wall
You bring me to life with your touch
It is you my friend, who is very special…

-21 Nov 2010

(c) Sayantan Jana


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