All went passing by…


A misty morning, often passed dreaming, went passing by
A ghostly bus, calling at us, with no concern on who can pass, went passing by
The music store, which looked so bore, yet to open to its daily chore, went passing by
A huge iron gate, which sealed our fate, went passing by
A cramped compound, which kept us bound, buzzing with sound, went passing by
Some mundane stairs, with people here and there, went passing by
Some running kids, few almost skid, but managed to balance it, went passing by
A huge hall, yet too small, for dreams so tall, went passing by
Some silly sisters, with flirty misters, went passing by
The girl with dimple, who never loved it simple, went passing by
The topper two, who talked to just few, went passing by
A long lost love, who called me bluff, went passing by
Some don’t care types, who always missed the hype, went passing by
A desperate soul, and suicide prone, which needed some console, went passing by
The back benchers, who were not the stars, went passing by
A friend so close, whom I carefully chose, went passing by
The funny blokes, with laughs and jokes, went passing by
The naughty girls, with hotty curls, went passing by
The itchy dude, who taught us maths but often elude, went passing by
The sweet ladies, who taught us English, went passing by
The hit man blokes, with canes and who called us rogues, went passing by
The meeky geek, with speech up his sleeve, that made us sleep, went passing by
The torrid recess, with grasping clutches, and bread-rolls and races, went passing by
So many good times, with tears in eyes, bidding goodbyes, went passing by
The following years, in some speedy gears, goes passing by
Busy streets, with no favour or greets, goes passing by
Morning to Night, fight, fight and fight, goes passing by
A lot passes through, but no more its you, which go passing by
(c) Sayantan Jana


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