the Battle of Alesia


Armours pierced with volley of spears
Sword and shield thrown away in despairs
Valley of green turns bright red
Bed of grass now deals in dead

Fathers march leaving behind their son
Some certainly will never again return
Wives bid farewell with tears and kiss
Husbands ride to defend the land of his

Dry crops and crushed by the hooves
The horses march carrying the troops
Chilly winter spare them none
Amidst the odds Rome has come

Ahead of the army, Caeser himself ride
Along rides Roam for glory and pride
For honour for strength upon caeser’s command
Wolves of Rome rides hungry for land

Through fall and snow they keep pressing on
Grasses die with Mighty Roman Army marching upon
Amidst the forces Caesar rides tall
With his desire to vanquish and conquer Gaul

Forts have fell and towns overrun
The roman mercenaries showed mercy to none
Years long struggle was coming to end
Caesar stood expecting Gaul to bend

But leaving their wives and sons behind
Gallic civilians marches down to fight
Holding the line the untrained militia
Made their final stand on the valley of Alesia

Better to die than surrender to Rome
And let the invaders massacre their home
With courage and gut they stood selfless
Holding up Caesar for days and days

On the final front Caesar made the charge
Unleashing hell on the gallish surge
Arrows came down like heavenly rains
Cutting down the braves in chest in veins

Armours pierced with volley of spears
Sword and shield thrown away in despairs
The river beneath turns red and sore
The last of the braves ride no more

written on 16.11.2009

(c) Sayantan Jana

Background – Alesia was the last stand of the Gaullish resistance to the Roman invasion headed by Julius Caesar, after which Gaul was turned into a Roman province. A fierce battle involving a low on morale, starving and untrained Gaullish militia took place around 58 BC, and the Gaullish leader had to surrender his arms to stop the onslaught of his forces by the Roman Cavalry. 
Playing Rome – Total War, I had the opportunity to relive the history and its battles, and being ever curious about history, this little act of bravery by the handfull of Gaullish militia inspired me into writing this.

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