the first kiss


Drums beat hard deep within
Puzzled mind and a heart too keen
Bright lit eyes with burning fire
Nervous smile and a shy stare

Deep down somewhere the oceans churn
Columns of smoke while desires burn
Trembling feet and an unsure grip
Moments of joy and moments to weep

Slowly the distance drifts away
Cutting the reins from emotions at bay
Closer and closer yet so far
Mind and heart in a silly war

The storms meet each other and collide
Hotter and hotter it grows upright
Drenched in the ocean salt and sweet
Crisply before the fleshes meet

Trembling fingers pull her close
Way ward emotions running lose
Eyes shuts drenched in it
Teeth within bite the grit

Tore apart in the silly war
Finally gives up to desire
Letting the chill run down the spine
Through her through mine

Minds set free from judging amiss
The eternal eternal first kiss.

(c) Sayantan Jana


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