the Love Letter

The pen and the treasured piece of paper

the means to carry his sentiment to his lover
the smile that adorns his face whenever he thinks
the more of her, the more he sinks
after a long thought he writes down “My Dear”
“What I am, without you being near?”
“For I can think no more, but of you forever”
and a small drop of water fell on the paper
“This is not a tear, but my love for you” he wrote
“I wish not to rub it, but sent along with this note”
“For it will tell you How I am without you”
“For it will take my love, take my warmth to you”
“For I havent given up, the love and the hope you had”
“But it pains me to keep up to the promise – of never being sad”
He paused for a second, pulling back his tears
Once again poured out his love from all those years
Often happy, often sorry, but he never accused
But there wasnt a single feeling, which was left unused
Folding the letter carefully, he left for the shower and to shave
For today was a friday, a day to visit his beloved’s grave.

– 7th May 2010

(c) Sayantan Jana


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